Mountain View Montessori School
To Educate the Whole Child
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Welcome to Mountain View Montessori

Dear MVM Families,

I just finished reading through all of the staff bios and I must tell you how honored I feel to be working with such an eclectic and experienced group of individuals. As I read along, I realized the huge retention taking place at MVM — 6, 9, 15, 30 years (naming just a few)! WOW! How fortunate we are to have a strong foundation of diverse and committed individuals teaching our children.

As you have probably figured out by now, we are much more than “just a school.” We are a community. “Community” is used a great deal in our descriptions and references at MVM. I never want to use it lightly or loosely as it is the “community” that attracts us and keeps us here. It is the “community” that supports the education we offer and the work our children do every day.

We are a big group now - 39 employees! I hope you enjoy knowing more about us.

Kind regards,
Mary Levy
Head of School
Centenary of the Montessori Movement